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“I am made of everything to come, not just what has been”

My name is Cezar and I am a clinical psychiatrist with an interest in teaching, psychotherapy and writing. I am also passionated about music, photography, traveling, leadership and insightful interactions with others. I’m a mastermind INTJ according to the Jungian personality types. Besides Romanian, I am fluent in English and French.

I was born in Galati, Romania. I studied general medicine and got my MD degree from UMF Cluj-Napoca, then I did research in clinical pharmacology at UMF Bucharest. I returned to Cluj-Napoca, where I became specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapist in positive psychotherapy and certified trainer. My story continued abroad in France, where I worked in the Strasbourg area at Centre Hospitalier de Rouffach in Alsace, where I enhanced my clinical skills and got used with the Western style of managing mental disorders, and then at Centre Hospitalier de Sarreguemines in Moselle, where I became more knowledgeable in psychopharmacology. I also worked in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare, in ambulatory care, focusing on counseling and personal development. I used this time to create several educational brochures, I hosted training sessions on burnout and I wrote many psychology-focused educational articles on my blog. In the meantime, Sibiu has become my second hometown. 

I currently focus on writing articles and mental health consulting.


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