• Psychiatrist trained in Cluj-Napoca & Strasbourg
  • Speaking Romanian, English, Français & Deutsch
  • Writer, piano player, traveler & photographer
  • Mastermind INTJ personality type
  • Online since 2001, blogging since 2004.

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Places I have lived

Galaţi – Moldavia, Romania
Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg) – Transylvania, Romania
Bucureşti (Bucharest) – Wallachia, Romania
Rouffach – Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France
Sarreguemines – Moselle, Lorraine, France
Baia Mare (Frauenbach) – Maramureş, Romania
Sibiu (Hermannstadt) – Transylvania, Romania
Brumath – Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France

Places I have visited

2022 – … 
2021 – France, Germany.
2020 – Germany.
2019 – Hungary, The Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia.
2018 – France, Germany, Switzerland.
2017 – France, Germany.
2016 – Romania.
2015 – France, Germany, Switzerland.
2014 – United Kingdom (London & Edinburgh).
2013 – Hungary, Germany, Switzerland.
2012 – France, Germany, Austria.
2011 – Hungary, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France.
2010 – Bulgaria.
2009 – Ireland, United Kingdom.
2008 – Spain.
2007 – Hungary, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia.
2004 – Bulgaria, Greece.
2003 – Hungary, Austria.

Things I’ve tried (and failed)

I wrote and self-published on Amazon Kindle Publishing two books. The first one – Zbucium (2019) – was removed because it is written in Romanian and this language is not accepted on Amazon. The second one – Twilight Tales (2020) – is in English and still available.

I made and published three apps on Google Play in 2019. They have been removed.

I created in 2017 InfoDiet (together with my girlfriend, in English) and InfoPsy (in Romanian).

I launched my YouTube Channel in 2017. It still exists.

I am a certified trainer and I developed a three-hour workshop on burnout, focusing on awareness of micro-traumas, developing abilities to reduce, cope with or get out of stressful situations. It was delivered twice in Romania.

I gave interviews about Burnout, 21.06.2016 (newspaper) and Depression, 9.04.2016 (video).

I published coaching articles in the International Coaching News magazine in 2015.

I published a scientific article while I was doing clinical pharmacology in 2007 (Medicina Moderna, vol. XIV, nr.9 : Metoclopramide – Main Pharmacodynamics).

I blogged from 2006 to 2013 on MyOpera (screenshot), then I moved here on WordPress. My focus was and still is on music, photography, travelling, psychotherapy, spirituality, philosophy and creative writing. But I’m not limited to all these.

I managed a group & forum of more than 500 people – Positive Thinking – on Care2 (screenshot), in English, from 2004 until 2016.

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