Question Everything!

“It’s easier to try to be better than you are… than to be who you are.”


“Ego wants to be the god of our own idealized projection; Spirit wants to be incarnated in our humanity where it can grow in wisdom through experience.”

It was easier to try to be my best version. It was easier to do whatever it takes to be successful. It was easier to challenge myself, it was easier to fight with my weaknesses. It was easier to be a masochist and do everything I did by forcing me through university and specialization in several fields of study. I had an ideal, I had an image of myself in the future, doing something smart, working with gifted individuals who can change the world. It was easier to see myself happy there, in that future…

It is not so easy to accept my current version, the one I actually am. It is not so easy to stay and do nothing, as there is nothing left to be done. It is not so easy to see that even fighting and defeating my worst fears doesn’t give me anything more, doesn’t make me feel better or increase my perceived value.

So what, I crushed another fear?

Whatever… Glad to hear that… Amounts to nothing anyway…

The Spirit is a peculiar… thing… Wants to know how deep the shit goes… Wants to suffer? Just for the sake of understanding? Wants to the experience “the Normal” while there are so many possibilities to experience “the Extraordinary”?!?

That’s really weird…

Wants to feel how the flesh aches? Wants to experience pain? And what kind of wisdom can the Spirit extract from trundling in the deepest mud from the dirtiest pigsty?!

Perhaps we should ask Jesus Christ, who did exactly what this Spirit aims to do: get incarnated, experience humanity, grow in wisdom, exit in style… or whatever…

But perhaps there are out there… hard to tell where… other spirits that are less messianic and less stoic… It is hard for me to believe that the path taken by Jesus – the one of self-sacrifice – is the only valid one, that there isn’t any other way…

Are you sure that you have only one Spirit that yearns to be embodied in you?

Are you sure that the Christian model is the best that there’s around?

Dare to question everything!?

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