One Part Is Missing

Climbing the mountain proved to be difficult and lengthy, yet here I am, at the top. But alas, as I begin to walk around the summit so as to enjoy the 360 degrees view, I discover that a large part of the mountain – that part that was opposite to the side I escalated – is missing completely. It looks as if something huge has been excavating about one third of the mountain, which is now looking as a birthday-cake that has a big chunk missing. Moreover, I notice that both the summit and the mountain peaks around me are covered in a dwindling greenish grass that continues far away in all directions. There are no trees, there are no forests, there are no houses, there is… nothing. All that’s left are the barren mountain peaks covered in that greenish color that looks like the basic landscape created in a computer simulation that hasn’t yet been populated with enough details or attractions so that everything can make sense or be entertaining.

I look down from the summit towards the immense slice that is missing from the mountain. I struggled to get to the top but I was too late. Someone has already taken a part of the mountain and has also cut the forests. What am I supposed to do in this desolate landscape? There are too many things missing. And even if the excavation has not reached the summit yet so as to ruin it, the beauty of the mountain is lost forever.

I cannot bear to see the pit anymore. So I look to the horizon, searching for something different. I find nothing. Everything is green and mountainous, any place is similar to any other. So I begin to descend, and as I leave my mountain behind, I begin to wake up.

As long as you’re not dead, there will always be opportunities for new beginnings. But, will you have the same availability, energy and motivation? Can you do exactly the same things at any age? Are your desires identical, unchanged, as the time passes? Are you sure that the mountain you want to climb is going to remain unchanged? Are you so damn sure that your dreams don’t have an expiry date?

2 thoughts on “One Part Is Missing

  1. You parting paragraph reminded me of a Stoicism quote, and that’s you never cross the same river twice. Both you and the river will always change. And that brings us to appreciating the moment more, because who knows what the older you will be like? Anyway, thanks for this post!


    1. Yes, the message is the one of living now and not postponing for later, as the situation might change. Of course I knew this from books, rationally, but it gets a different dimension when you actually live this and also understand it at an emotional level. The text is the description of a dream. It is how my unconscious part comments my conscious life and, as in any dream of this kind, it is authentic and straightforward.
      Thanks for your comment! You are right, we cannot step in the same river twice.


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