From my little corner of the world, I can see for many years the demise of quality in almost all aspects I encounter. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am not in the best possible place when talking about quality, but reading and watching the news all around the world, I can see similar patterns. It is as if somehow people have given up the desire to make something really great, as if people are pleased with mediocre stuff that is done just for the sake of doing it, without any passion invested in it, any dedication or any desire to create something that is going to last. It is just checking something on their list and then moving on, it is as if they are forced endlessly to do something in which they do not believe or fail to see any value beyond the money they earn. There is no attention given to whatever they are doing – not only attention to details but also attention to the entire thing they’re doing. What they do is voided of value and – to put it right – meaningless.

Then, I see that people focus too much on the present moment, without having a perspective on the future, on where they want to be and especially on where they want the entire world to be. I see leaders talking about climate change while climate change is happening before their own eyes, and then… nothing. Just words for the sake of speaking, but no genuine interest into actually doing something, bringing some of their ideas into reality. Implementing, that is… All I can see are people who speak too much because they can’t do anything, because they are in fact not motivated at all, and this happens because they are selfish and they know that they are not going to survive until the heavy consequences of the climate change will hit hard enough so as to be physically painful. These people do not seem to have any value except their own interest. So, they allow unexceptional meetings that waste everyone else’s time.

Then, I see this psychosis of choosing people according to their outer characteristics such as race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, in the detriment of their inner qualities. I fail to see why it is relevant for anyone how you see yourself and how you like to be seen, when the main idea is to contribute with something to this world and make it a better place. Why is it relevant what kind or type of human being you are when talking about competence? And why is this trend of positively discriminating people, of giving an unfair advantage to people who are perhaps less competent, just for the sake of being trendy during a time when being of a certain color or nationality is a plus? At the end of the day, someone who is given an unfair advantage will trigger repulsion from the equals who were selected using a different standard (radicalizing them in their views), while its low degree of competence will take its toll on the overall success of the team it belongs to. In the end, incompetence always has a price.

These days, the consequences of the cynicism and meaningless, of the selfishness and lack of planning, and of the compelled positive discrimination, are beginning to show their consequences. The Coronavirus has catalyzed everything, putting pressure on everyone. People turned from demotivated and selfish into suspicious and paranoid, incompetence gave birth to negligence and inutile aggression when other things are far more important. And the voice of a mediocre majority who has opinions that are not based on logic and reason is louder than the voice of a couple of experts who are marginalized, disregarded or even ridiculed. And, typical for situations when unchecked emotions run amok, there is a deep sense of mistrust among people.

I surf the internet a lot and I see that most people who were experts in their field have left social media or the public life. Their voices aren’t heard or are rarely heard. Most feel threatened. I myself choose my words carefully, so as not to trigger any susceptibilities in people looking for certain keywords. It is hard to have courage in a world where you apply self-censorship as a form of protection. Anybody can and will likely contradict you, but not in the spirit of a debate based on arguments, but rather throwing slogans, preconceived ideas or fragments of ideas that have no coherent rational structure but “sound good” emotionally and are adequate for covering one’s mediocrity or incompetence in the matter that is being discussed.

I believe that in the near future, despite a highly-advertised diversity, experts will be rare and things will fall apart rapidly. Society will become more and more polarized, both regarding its political views but also regarding wealth. And this will probably trigger confrontation. Mediocrity will trigger conflict. Division will trigger conflict. People have not learned that it is wiser to keep together and initiate a dialogue, rather than diverge and initiate a fight. The culprit might also be the fact that there is an innate appetite for destruction in each of us, but the less intellectually gifted you are, the more you have this itch.