Goodbye Google Apps!

Today I took the decision to remove the apps I published together with my girlfriend on Google Play. It was fun to create them, I proved to myself and to everyone else that I can code something difficult in a technical & logical field that is far away from my main expertise of physician & psychiatrist, and finally, I proved that I can actually make something that does work and remains useful in the field of diabetes & internal medicine. We still have the 3 apps on our devices and we use them, especially the insulin converter, something that remains even today unique in the world. Those who have downloaded the apps can continue to use them but new downloads have been disabled. I received no support for this apps-related project from my followers and this has saddened me and taught me not to have faith in others and not to have hopes of any kind in the future. I add below some screenshots I made today with the apps while they were still active; these are photos I will remember. The entire project will remain mentioned on my About page as part of my history.

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