Seeing Patterns

When you are obsessive-compulsive, you tend to put everything in order, you aim perfection and efficiency, until everything crumbles into chaos and disease. You start by controlling everything and in the end the control is getting you and you go crazy. You crave for control and you end up controlled. You crave for order and you end up in utter disorder.

This teaches you something: don’t go too much into extremes. And if you do, be prepared for the opposite attitude to become stronger and stronger. If you force things, the entire situation will end up devouring you.

Now let’s talk about freedom and politically-correctness.

Initially, some people were enslaved while others were part of the upper class or the high life. The enslaved people, quite normally, fought to be free and to be granted the same rights. Gradually, they got those rights. They were freed. But they didn’t stop. They went further, and I suspect it wasn’t inertia but also a desire of revenge for historic reasons. If their ancestors were disadvantaged – they thought – then the present and future generations of children belonging to the long-gone upper class must now pay for the injustice. So everything escalated to positive discrimination. People were not only having equal rights, but their access to jobs or money was voluntarily unbalanced in favour of the children of the oppressed from the past. Suddenly, “being advisable” to hire people from multiple backgrounds was replaced by “being compulsory” to hire diverse people, regardless of their competence. Suddenly, being a minority became an advantage in itself. And finally, the equality of chances and the freedom of choice of future employees was replaced by some sort of forced or imposed equality, reminiscent of socialism/communism. The tyranny, and consequently the chaos resulted by imposing such rules, was obvious yet unacknowledged.

And so, just like the obsessive-compulsive patient who exaggerate order until he gets chaos, the social correctness went to pathological depths, becoming unfairness and discrimination and a source of prolonged restlessness. And as a result, the opposite attitude, the hateful attitude that was dormant for generations, that attitude that says that I am better than you because I have a different genetic background, woke up again. Yes, the same old attitude reminiscent of concentration camps. In the end, a strange desire to enact the same play that was played in the historic past became apparent. Not knowing the history, not being educated enough, the humanity is ready to repeat the same mistakes, but in a different time, with different actors and… with different weapons. The refined version, one would say…

Seeing patterns is rare. But it is valuable. Knowing the past is also valuable. But adhering to one idea or another without fully understanding the implications… that is risky.

There was a moment when humanity could have been wise. When the slaves got the same rights as the former slave-owners, someone should have thought that they wanted revenge. It was inhuman for many generations, it was unjust, and therefore there was need for reparatory moves/words but also for a watchful eye, because revenge was to be expected. Instead, out of a sense of guilt, the former slaves were allowed to become vocal and powerful. We are in that moment now. But if this is to continue in the future, it is obvious that some former slave-owners will be fed up with everything and will resume their oppressive attitude. And the hatred and hostility will spiral further. Since money is technically still in the hands of the former slave-owners, the former slaves will lose more if they go on with their desire for equal rights and positive discrimination. And, since they aren’t particularly educated, they will do this mistake. Bottom line is that too much egalitarianism (or too much Left) will generate even more exclusive classes where nobody can enter without recommendation or a certain (hereditary) background (too much Right). World War II stays witness that a Left mentality doesn’t go well with a Right mentality. The present time also teaches us that the extreme-Right and the extreme-Left don’t like each other too much.

In situations like this, when there is a difficult history and mistakes have been made, the worst possible thing you can do is to impose something on people. You can’t force me to like or accept someone. I am tolerant, but if you keep forcing me, you will gradually turn me into someone who is more and more radical in his opinions. Let humanity heal! Don’t be like the obsessive patient forcing everything to fit in its boxes until he gets chaos! Relax!

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