Saving animals


I decided to support a campaign for animal welfare in my town. It’s about “Voluntari Salvati Animalele Baia Mare”; they are taking care of the animals left on the streets and neglected in creative ways by the Romanian people, a nation of psychopaths. It was not the animals’ choice to be born in Romania, but for those who were unfortunate to have sadistic owners, this charity organization does a lot of good things.

Here is the link to the Facebook page of the charity:

There is below a link explaining what is all about, in Romanian but also translatable in English. Basically, a bank in Germany promised to donate some money on the condition that the charity manages to gather enough votes online; there is a campaign until the end of august, every day requires a vote. You enter your email on the website provided by the bank, you get an e-mail with a link for confirmation, you click it and that’s all. I will do my daily email submissions until the end, daily, and I encourage you to do the same. It is free and it takes about one minute. Instead of watching porn or getting involved into politics or mystical delusions (like praying or mass hysterias), perhaps this time could be better used.

Here is the link:

Here is the website of the bank with the section dedicated to the charity:

As you can see, there is available a box for your email. You can read more about the charity here:

If you don’t know German, use Google Translate (I assume you are clever enough to use it, just copy/paste the entire weblink and the entire page is translated automatically).

Now, the results can be seen on the Facebook page of the bank (Sparda-Bank Hessen eG):

There the results of the votes are published each Monday. For now, things are not looking good for the Romanian charity, as it is not in top 5. But things could improve thanks to you. Yes, YOU!

In case you ask me why I support a charity for animals and not for people, the answer is that I lost faith in humanity in general and I see people as essentially evil, at least the people in Romania among which I am unfortunate to live. But the animals, since they are not self-aware, they are not guilty and are worthy of my help. Plus, animals can Love people unconditionally. People only Need others… unconditionally…

If you think you can help and you are willing to frustrate yourself daily so as to vote regularly, please do it quietly. My thanks to you! If you are willing to comment on my unusual way of advertising for this charity, or on my bitter conclusions about humanity, please abstain yourself. A hint about why I chose to use this style of advertising can be found reading the comments on the Facebook page of the charity. There you can see a perspective of this world that most people refuse to acknowledge.

Many thanks!

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