Some say that this life is only a stage in our quest for perfection as spiritual beings. Some religions affirm that several lives are needed to escape the chain of karma and finally make it to Nirvana. Other religions tell us that after this lifetime we will get to the afterlife, which is “the real stuff”, a place of eternal bliss. And the more you study religious beliefs, the more you understand that all of them offer to you the same pattern: the “real” or the valuable stuff is waiting for you after you die, and the current life is only a modality (a condition, some sort of spring-board or a necessary annoyance) through which you make it to the otherworld. Then, there are other more “scientific” views, such as “this life is a dream and we will eventually wake-up” or “our life is a computer-simulation, some sort of Matrix-induced virtual reality”. In any case, these non-religious views basically offer the same pattern: the “real” is not here & now, but “there”.

How is it for you to live a life of no worth, preparing or hoping for an ulterior existence deemed as the genuine one? How is it for you to live a fake life, a life in which you pretend to live, a life of perpetual rehearsal? What if the genuine life never comes? What if there is no afterlife? What if all the main beliefs circulating now in the world are nothing but sophisticated ways to convince you to avoid living your actual damn life? What if you have been manipulated to believe in an afterlife only to give up your current life and sacrifice it for others’ benefit? What if your beliefs are nothing but defensive mechanisms against your fear of living this life as the only life that was, is and will always be?

Move the center of your being from the otherworld to the present world, and from the afterlife to life itself! Maybe you’ll appreciate the jasmine flowers now and give up the phantasm of seeing other, much more beautiful flowers, blooming “on the other side”. By doing this – by contemplating the jasmine flowers with no future in sight – with no afterlife and with no second chances – you will truly grasp how it is to inhabit the present moment… and how to truly inhabit your life as well.

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