Flying Lesson

Most people use cars to get from one place to another. It’s rather common. It gives you a feeling of being in control when you’re behind the wheel. Plus, there is not too much effort; the car does everything and you just point it where you want to go. As full of symbols as it is, driving a car – or being in charge, being responsible or being the force behind a given situation – is not the only way to advance. Using a car means also that you got too attached to the ways of solving problems in one plan, in a horizontal plan, a bidimensional plan. However, you can always fly… This means leaving the regular plan or the perspective from which you got accustomed to see things, jump out of it, and travel faster in all directions in an entire outer space, full of infinite possibilities compared to the horizontal perspective that is so familiar to you.

First, flying allows you to zoom out of your circumstances. This helps in problem solving. When you see everything from a higher perspective, you get the big picture. You see where everything is coming from and where it goes. You see entire processes. Then, you can move around, you can switch places and see everything from other people’s perspective. And then, if you fly really high, you notice how important – or precisely, how unimportant – your struggles are.

So, I’d like to give you some guidance on how to fly.

While dreaming… of course…

First, most of the time, you’re not aware that you’re dreaming. You think that everything is real and the laws of this ordinary world and life apply to the dreamworld as well. Usually, nobody tells you that you’re dreaming, but occasionally you become aware. Anyhow, the simplest thing you can do – whether you’re dreaming or not – is to try to elevate yourself a couple of centimeters from the ground. This usually means to lose contact with the ground, to cease to perceive the ground under your feet or to stop feeling your weight against the ground. That’s all it takes. If you can do this and float only a couple of centimeters, it means you are definitely dreaming. You can’t do this in the physical world. So, if you can do this, you are actually potentially open to a huge array of possibilities. Floating, losing contact, is the first but the essential step.

Second, I can tell you that fear is as real in the dreamworld as it is in the physical world. You tend to be afraid of the same things you’re afraid in the usual world. Namely, you are afraid of failure. You are afraid of falling. For this reason, you can easily float a couple of centimeters in the air while being in the dreamworld, but you can’t fly at tens or hundreds of meters above the ground. Not habitually. But if you manage to defeat your fear of height, or you manage not to pay attention to the altitude, you can easily do it. Nothing really stops you from flying everywhere in the dreamworld, as there are no limits. It is exactly like in the case of those circus actors walking on a wire above huge gaps. They get used by practicing walking on the wire at a couple of centimeters above the ground and they finally end up walking above the abyss of a canyon between mountain peaks. In the dreamworld however, your mind is mostly asleep – that fearful thinking mind – so suddenly, everything seems possible. And consequently, it really becomes possible. And then… it happens.

While flying, it is generally easy to arrive at a couple of meters above the ground. Usually, you can fly at around the height of the second floor (or the height of a house roof), that is, at the height from which you believe that you’re going to survive if you accidentally jump in the physical world. But once you try to go higher than, let’s say, the 4th floor, you typically encounter the fear of death. But remember: if you flied a couple of centimeters above the ground, you can also fly at the height of the highest skyscraper. It is the same thing. If it was possible then, it is also possible now. Metrics don’t matter in the dreamworld.

It usually takes some practice, but you can free yourself from fear and you will notice that once you’re no longer afraid, you become weightless. You can move in any direction or rather, you can move the image to and from, in and out, at your wish. In fact, it is not you who is moving but it is you who is moving the image of the dream. You always remain in the center, but this is another story. Have the courage to exit on the orbit and look at the Earth from above, from the outer space. You will notice the dark sky around you at that moment. You won’t feel cold and you won’t experience any lack of air. Why? Because, being caught in the experience of going as high as possible, you will forget to think that there is no air and no warmth up there. You’re right, there isn’t, but it doesn’t matter.

Often, you get tired of flying in the dreamworld. This is common. If the dream persists, try to make the most of this experience while not pushing too hard. Learn to let go. The more relaxed you get, the farther and further and deeper you can go. Aim to always control your fear and notice that the dream will go on. It will limit itself after a while and will die out. Rest assured that you won’t get trapped inside the dreamworld for too long. The only reason for this experience is to show you something or to help you in some way, and once you get the message, you return back to your unconscious sleep or straight back to the physical world by waking up.

I hope you found my flying lesson interesting and, above all, helpful.

Also, don’t forget to always check if you can float a couple of centimeters off the ground. You never know… you might be sleeping right now… 🙂

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