6 years

Today I am celebrating 6 years since I started this blog. I wrote a total of 1095 articles about psychotherapy, leadership, medicine, psychiatry, music, traveling, photography, as well as many personal writing pieces about the rich experience that has been my life.

Now, while looking back, I regret nothing.

Sometimes I miss the times when I was writing in my native language, but due to circumstances that are not entirely under my control, I prefer to continue in English.

I must say I miss my friends… Out of sight is out of mind, and when I withdrew from social media, they vanished. I am more isolated than ever in a country that is falling apart in many ways. But I never had high expectations regarding the others. Or the country.

This blog was my faithful companion for a lot of time and it will likely continue to be so. It is my home.

Thanks for visiting it!

3 thoughts on “6 years

  1. Cezar, you are not alone, I am thinking about you and reading what you write. Sometimes, it is just as little as reaching out to get a response from me. I am so entangled in my own web of life, thoughts, obligations and rituals that I lose sight of the importance of keeping close to the good people that I am friends with. Sometimes it is enough to say “Hi, […]”

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