You Don’t Need Much

Streets, buildings, people, markets, sun rays through the clouds, wet air, ships, French language. Medieval citadel on the ocean shore. Holiday. Me and my girlfriend. Desire to visit the whole place… But how?

No idea.

For an unknown reason, we can’t. I have no idea if we lack money or we don’t know where to find a guide or a vehicle or a map.

We have no idea what to do and where to start.

But here, in the dreamworld, I am different and I think in a different way. So, I bring my right hand to my pocket and I take out of it a simple plastic bag, a small one that could barely hold two pairs of socks.

What one can do with a simple white plastic bag?

Not much in normal circumstances.

But here, in this world I seem to be familiar with, difficult problems have easy solutions. So I simply wave a couple of times the small bag in the air. Suddenly, it grows larger and larger, until in becomes some sort of parachute. I ask my girlfriend to hold on to me and I catch as much air I can in my bag, increasing the pressure, until I suddenly release the power and we both spring into the sky.

The scenery is beautiful from above. We fly over roofs and streets, we go to the beach and then we return to the town, following the line of the walls, stopping from time to time to see the markets and the main sights, and then returning to the sky. And we do it easily, naturally, as flying with a plastic bag is something one would normally do if mastery of airbending was successfully achieved.

As the dream subsides and I wake up, one thought lingers in my spirit: apparently impossible circumstances can have simple solutions, both inexpensive and creative. You don’t need to have tons of knowledge or impressive abilities. You only need to have a simple asset and find the resources available around you. Like having a bag and using the surrounding air to fly over a nice landscape.

It’s not about what you own but about how you adjust your stance.

You don’t really need much else.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Much

  1. Thomas

    Problem is that in Today’s society you are likely to be ridiculed for dreaming like this. To put it in an opposite perspective, I think its better to see the reality as it is with your feet on the ground and fight against the odds. It takes an innocetent soul and a bigger heart to achieve what you’ve described.

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    1. The good thing about dreams is that they lack defensive mechanisms. So, no dream is ridiculous; we do not judge what we dream when we dream. Of course, when I woke up, I was surprised and the dream seemed plain stupid.
      Today’s society will change, as the emotional and the symbolical or irrational gain ground. Some years ago it was the intelligence quotient, now we’re already talking about emotional quotient and the world moves more and more towards an attitude of “what if? ” and towards the relativity of everything. So yes, maybe the present society emphasizes a rational and pragmatic approach, “the feet on the ground” or down to earth, but the risk is to become too caught into useless overthinking – exactly the sort of background that caused my dream. I am currently in a lot of stress and feel like being trapped in a cage, so the dream came as a way through which my subconscious mind tried to rebalance me, providing a different perspective. A perspective that seems to say that “there is always an easier path you perhaps overlooked”.
      Thanks for your comment!


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