Insulin Converter

I am happy to announce today my second Android app on Google Play!

This app is a tool helping the conversion to and from different types of insulin, including rapid acting, short acting, long acting, premixed and inhaled, as well as insulin regimens and inhaled regimens. The software also provides an insulin index with the most common trademark names and their international denominations. It is completely portable, so as to be used offline in areas where an internet connection is not available. It is also ad-free.

This app is based on the information provided by my girlfriend, who is a specialist doctor is diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases. She uses this app as a helping tool for her clinical work and she wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The coding part was done by me, after many hours of work. Although the app seems simple, the scientific information was heavily researched and the algorithms were carefully tested for many weeks.

The results provided by this app do not replace medical expertise, judgment or advice, and the adjustment to the clinical context is required.

Here is the link to Google Play where you can download and install the app:


4 thoughts on “Insulin Converter

  1. moldovan_ioanamaria

    Buna Cezar,Vroiam sa iti multumesc pentru tot ce scrii si postezi. Pe mine ma ajuți mult. Si ma relaxezi. Mai ales cand postezi ce pozezi. Mami e diabetica, incerc sa inteleg tot ce se si i se întâmplă. Aplicația ta e wow. Multumesc frumos încă odată.O duminică frumoasa, Ioana Trimis de pe smartphone-ul meu Samsung Galaxy.

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