Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and its biggest city. Known as Preßburg in German and Pozsony in Hungarian, it used to be an important place in the history of Central Europe, being the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1536 and 1783, during the Habsburg rule. Nowadays it is an important hub for tech companies and is part of a bigger agglomeration area, being at about one hour distance by train from Vienna and on the banks of the Danube River. As a personal note, the feeling you get while visiting the city is that of a small medieval town, with a lot of historical buildings crowded in a small old center. The shock you get while traveling from Vienna to Bratislava is an experience one might need to understand the difference between the Western German civilization and the Eastern Slavic civilization: the order and the quality of Austria is strongly contrasted by the East-European Slovak style, less structured, without investments in the infrastructure and with people more interested about themselves and how they look and get dressed, and less caring about their country which shows obvious signs of decay, as you can clearly see on the facades of the buildings. Additionally, my visit to Slovakia was accompanied by a distinct feeling of danger, something I know well enough from my native country.

Michel’s Gate Tower

St. John of Matha & St. Felix of Valois Cathedral

The Old Town Hall

The Main Square and Roland’s fountain

Palugyayov Palace

Hosttain Palace & the Embassy of France

Sedlarska Street

The Palace of Royal Hungarian Diet

The Church of Elevation of Holy Cross

Michael’s Gate and one of the main streets

Looking towards the Bratislava Castle

Holy Trinity Column

St. Martin’s Cathedral

Zamocnicka Street

The Church of Annunciation

Kostol Zvestovania

The Blue Church

The Slovak Philharmonic & the Ministry of Environment

The Main Railway Station of Bratislava

The Presidential Palace

The Planet of Peace Fountain

Danube River to the east

Looking south across the Danube River

Danube River to the west

The Danube River cliff & the Most SNP bridge

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