Oradea (Großwardein in German, Nagyvárad in Hungarian and Varadinum in Latin) is one of the oldest cities in Romania (first mentioned in the year 1113). It was part of the Holy Roman Empire, then entered in the Hungarian sphere of influence and then remained as part of Romania, nowadays practically on the border with Hungary. It is the capital city of Bihor County and the head city of the Crișana region. The demography was a rich mixture of populations since time immemorial, from ancient Celts and Dacians to Hungarians, Germans, Austrians and Jews. It is known throughout Romania for its many Art Nouveau buildings and for its high quality of living. Being on the border means that about 1/3 of the population is of Hungarian origin and the fact that it is closer to West Europe makes it the most friendly and civilized city in Romania. Oradea is home to an airport and an university, and it is one of the main gates of Romania, being a transit point for those traveling to and from Europe. Here are some photos I took during this weekend.

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