Many times I see people with expensive cars, good clothes and a lot of pride, looking down on me as if they’d be superior because they are rich and powerful. I remain silent and usually I don’t comment their attitude. They think I’m an idiot and I don’t get it. Actually, I understand it quite well, including the fact that they’re living in their own dream, they’re playing a game and probably they’re not aware of this. Often, I make efforts not to laugh at them. But, to be sincere, no matter who they are, no matter how rich and powerful they are, there is one aspect they overlook: they live in Romania, in the poorest country in Europe and by far the most corrupt. It is shameful and stupid to display pride when you live in such a place; you really have nothing to be proud of… Proud because you stole more than everybody else? Proud that you are the champion in the schoolyard? Proud that you were savage enough to own more than the dumb majority?

Come on! It is pitiful and it is disgraceful! They shouldn’t be proud of anything at all! Their superiority is only a proof of their moral decay… If they live in a civilized country and come to visit Romania, perhaps they might be entitled to display pride. But when you live here, no matter what you believe about yourself, you are irrelevant. You might have a superiority complex, but really, there isn’t much else…

I like to watch movies like the one below, a zoom on the M33 galaxy in the night sky. Just to recalibrate to the real scale of the physical existence. But for the self-important Romanians, I recommend some statistics about Romania. Just zoom on them and see who you really are!

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