The End of 2018

This year was tense. It has begun in Strasbourg, France, and ended back in Romania. It was a crucial year from many viewpoints. I end it on a positive note however; after all the struggle, I’m in a better shape compared to the beginning in January. So as to celebrate it, I decided to go back home in Sibiu for the Christmas. It’s been May since I didn’t get out of Baia Mare, with the exception of some short days in Cluj-Napoca. So it was fun. Here are some images.

When you get out of Maramureș, there is a natural border with the rest of Transylvania, and that is the Mesteacăn Pass. From there, you can see the Someș River and its valley. When I left Baia Mare is was snowy and the landscape was really nice in the morning. Somewhere in the image there is a small wooden gate (visible to those who know the area), marking the border between Maramureș and the rest of the country.

The Christmas Market of Cluj was somehow poor and sad. Cluj is traditionally the most tastelessly Transylvanian city when it comes to the Christmas Market. But being the capital city, a stop was necessary. Plus, it was the city I loved and still feel at home in, despite the fact that I couldn’t afford to stay in it. There, in that place, there are crowded many memories, both of love and of hate, people who meant something in my life and people who betrayed me or hurt me when I was most vulnerable. Still, I stopped for an hour in the city centre, just to breathe one more time “the air of Cluj” and feel “the vibe of Cluj”, something that can’t be explained in words but maybe experienced first-hand.

When approaching Sibiu, one can be surprised by fields, mountains and… sheep. For me, this is the most important part of Romania, a place where the ancient traditions and values cross the old German spirit and the mixture of people who live nowadays. This southern part of Transylvania has the most beautiful skies.

This year, the Christmas Market of Sibiu is also at a high standard. Lots of foreign travelers, lots of Romanians coming from other distant areas of the country.

Somewhere hidden in the county of Sibiu, there is a small place where I still have some friends. It’s good to see them in my rare visits to the area. Ancient place, ancient buildings.

It’s good to see an old friend. He’s getting older but so do I. Still good friends.

Sibiu is a fortress; this is the wall and what is known as “the most beautiful street in Sibiu”. The symbolism of the wall was something that always accompanied me in my life paths.

The road continues… Who knows where it might lead?

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