Male Body Types

Generally, men’s body is categorized in three global biotypes: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

1. ECTOMORPH BODY TYPE : they have a rather frail constitution, are characterized as tall and slim, with flat chest and buttocks, small shoulders, lean muscle mass, long arms and legs. They gain weight pretty hard, because they have a fast metabolism that burns calories quickly, also gain muscle mass quite hard and lose fat rapidly. In terms of nutrition, these persons should have a diet rich in carbohydrates (55-60%), a moderate protein intake (25-30%) and low fat intake (10-15%). They may eat: potatoes, rice, pasta, whole grain products, vegetables and fruits, lean meat, white meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt, egg whites, nuts and seeds, olive oil.

2. MESOMORPH BODY TYPE : they are muscular and athletic looking, with well-defined muscles, a rectangular shaped body, naturally lean, broad shoulders, body fat evenly distributed. These persons have an efficient metabolism: they lose weight quickly, gain muscle mass easy, but don’t lose fat so fast as ectomorph shaped-body persons. In terms of nutrition, the carbohydrate intake should be moderate (approx. 40%), the protein and lipid intake around 30%. Lean meat, white meat, low fat dairy products, fruits, fresh and dry vegetables, whole grain products, olive oil, nuts and seeds may be eaten.

3. ENDOMORPH BODY TYPE : they are rounded and with a generous waist size, have high levels of body fat and may be overweight, large bone structure, small shoulders, large hips, underdeveloped muscle mass. Their metabolism is slow, that’s the reason why they lose weight slowly, but they gain muscle easily (and fat too, unfortunately). If weight loss is the goal, then they should eat less with 500 calories from their body’s daily calorie intake. A low carbohydrate diet is the best choice: that includes whole grain products, brown rice, whole pasta, no white bread, sugar, sweets or alcohol. The protein intake should be moderate and the fat intake low. Fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality proteins may be eaten. Additional dietary fibers and hydration are advisable.

If women’s body shapes are compared with fruits, the male ones are compared with vegetables. More and more often these terms are used to describe the variety of features that male bodies have.

The most common “veggies” are:

1. THE PARSNIP : these men have wide shoulders, narrow hips and thighs, developed chest muscle, nice shaped bottom.

2. THE LEEK : is characterized by long legs, slim shoulders, narrow hips and thighs.

3. THE AUBERGINE : they have slim arms, rounded shoulders, quite well represented abdomen and bottom.

4. THE BEETROOT : narrow hips and legs, medium shoulders, large chest and abdomen.

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