Female Body Shapes

The main female body shapes are: pear, apple, strawberry, banana, hourglass and diamond. These are the result of our skeletal structure, quantity and distribution of our muscle and fat, action of female hormones.

THE PEAR BODY SHAPE (is also called triangle) : large hips and thighs, a nicely defined waist, narrow shoulders, a well represented bust. If you gain weight, that will go straight to your bottom, thighs, legs. If you want to lose weight, then you will lose it from the upper part of your body: bust, face, abdomen. It is a very feminine body shape, but it can be a nightmare in your fight with excess fat. Also, it is associated with water retention, poor blood circulation, poor lymphatic drainage and cellulite. A good advice is to decrease the salt intake (including preserved and smoked foods, salami and sausages, cheese), increase fresh vegetables and fruits intake (these are rich in water, dietary fibers, trace minerals-especially potassium that improves water retention), eat lean meat, eggs, low fat dairies, drink a lot of water and forget about sugar and sweets.

THE APPLE BODY SHAPE : narrow hips and thighs, massive waist, broad shoulders, long and thin lower limbs. Losing weight is not so hard compared to the pear shaped body, because the metabolism and the process of burning calories are much faster, the fat from the abdomen is the first to disappear. If you gain weight, that will go straight to the upper part of the body (bigger breasts) and inside your abdomen, surrounding vital organs. Excess visceral fat is linked to a high risk to develop type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. You should avoid fat and oily foods, sweets, sugar, sweet drinks, alcohol, food that slows digestion (such as potatoes, peas, beans), excess carbohydrates. You should focus on eating lean meat, proteins from fish and eggs, food that is rich in dietary fibers.

THE STRAWBERRY BODY SHAPE (is also called inverted triangle) : large upper body, broad shoulders, ample bust, wide back, slim hips, flat bottom, subtle waist, slim legs. The fat will be stored on the abdomen and upper part of the body. Avoiding foods that are rich in carbohydrates, fat and oily foods, sugar and sweets, is the best option for keeping our weight. We should not forget about physical activity as part of our healthy lifestyle.

THE BANANA BODY SHAPE (it is also called rectangle) : balanced hips and bust, a not very well defined waist, flat bottom, slim legs. If you gain weight, the fat will be stored on the torso, upper thighs and arms. The women that belong to this category can be happy, because this body shape is not linked to any kind of risk factors for their health. The fat will be stored evenly to all body areas: bust, abdomen, thighs and hips. If you start a losing weight program, most likely that it will have a happy-end and excess fat will disappear.

THE HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE : well balanced bust and hips, defined waist and shoulders, rounded bottom, beautiful bust and legs, the upper body is proportionate in length with the legs. The hourglass body shape is the one women strive for, a balanced and harmonious feature. It is easy to lose weight having this silhouette and as easy to gain weight too. The fat will be stored evenly and the balance between the upper and lower body will be maintained. Eating in a moderate way, diversified, and exercising, will be enough.

THE DIAMOND BODY SHAPE : broad hips, full midsection, narrow shoulders, not a very well defined bust, undefined waist, proportionate and slender arms and lower legs. There’s a tendency for the fat to be stored on the stomach, back, hips, buttocks, upper legs. This is one of the most difficult body types in terms of losing weight. You should be careful at the size of the servings, have a low carb diet, poor in sugar and sweets, but rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, dietary fibers, lean meat and water.

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