Food & Workout

Before exercise :

– ideally do not eat any kind of carbohydrates 3 hours prior the workout;
– you can have a little snack (cereal bar, fresh fruits, a small amount of dried fruits, vegetables, fresh juice, milk, yogurt, crackers) 30-40 minutes before starting your physical activity, if approximately 4 hours have passed from your last meal;
– drink about 300-500 ml of water 2 hours before the workout to prevent dehydration;
– spicy, fatty or fiber rich foods may cause discomfort;
– caffeine from different kind of products may have a laxative effect.

During exercise :

– if your workout will last more than one hour, then a snack during it is advisable: fruit juice, fresh fruits or a small amount of dried fruits, crackers, cereal bar, yogurt;
– if the exercises will last under an hour, no snack is needed;
– drink water freely, as much as you need; cold water is the best during physical activity;
– sport drinks are enriched with electrolytes (sodium, potassium); don’t choose those that have carbohydrates in their composition.

After exercise :

– eat food that is rich in protein (lean meat, eggs, cheese) because you don’t want to regain what you just removed;
– do not eat sweets, fruits, pasta or other rich carbohydrate foods for 1-2 hours after the workout; in that way you will force your body to use the excess fat from the deposits;
– drink water as much as you need (at least 500 ml) to prevent dehydration;
– drinking mineral water will help replace the minerals lost through sweat;
– soup (not from the store) is an ideal food after workout, because is rich in minerals and vitamins and prevents dehydration.

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