French Echoes

French music is evolving. Nowadays it is no longer what we might imagine to be, but rather international and flooded with Arabic influences. Below are some videos presently in the tops, melodies that are played continuously everywhere.
Amir – Les rues de ma peine
Hoshi – Ta Marinière
Slimane – Viens on s’aime
Maître Gims ft. Super Sako & Hayko – Mi Gna
Calogero – Voler de nuit.


3 thoughts on “French Echoes

  1. Rosie

    The first video I liked. It was happy feeling and the music felt uplifting. Even though I did not know the language, I think it was OK as the tones of the music plus the video seemed self-explanatory. The 2nd video was OK: I could go on about it, but won’t.The 3rd and 5th ones I could not hear because it said they had not been uploaded to my country. The 4th video, I’m sorry to say, just sounded like any other song one could hear by turning on the radio here. I appreciate they all may be new sounds for France, but not so much here. And then, maybe I’ve grown a bit crabby in my old age!

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    1. This is the usual music on tv or radio in France. This is what is being “consumed”. It is a bit of a surprise for someone expecting a typical French sound with a lot of passion and love and a typical accent… my first impression was that the music is made by minorities, by migrants from the ancient African colonies of France, and you cannot find that “old France” with its distinct flavour. I admit I am disappointed; I had a very idealistic image of France…

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  2. Rosie

    I completely understand . Everyone makes “rap” music no matter their race, creed , color or national origin, but to find anything that sounds original to ones ears is the challenge. For myself, I play lots of blues ranging from the first recordings complete with scratches to the newest like Joe Bonamassa. I also listen to massive amounts of Kirtan music (Krishna Das) and what I refer to as my Hindu music (Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Ravi Shankar and so many others!) Quite a combination wouldn’t you say? But both types feed my soul •

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