Go On Strike!

– This situation is unbearable! This system is falling apart! We need to go on strike!
– No, docteur!
– Why? Something must be done! And we can do it only if we gather together and fight together! A single voice can’t be heard, but a collective voice can’t be overlooked!
Docteur… I am the mother for two kids. I need my salary.
– I understand that you are afraid of consequences and your supervisors, but fear will get you nowhere! Look: I came here because fear and the lack of unity have destroyed my country! Would you like to see your country suffering the same way my own country is suffering right now? Why do you think I came here? Because it was so nice out there or because it was bad and I came here to have a better life?
Docteur… as I was saying to you… I have two kids who depend on my salary…

Maslow was right: the need for security beats idealism… and hunger or the possibility/phantasm of being hungry beats everything else.

For some most of us.

In time, her kids will learn that individualism and sacrificing the common interest for a short-lived security is not a good strategy. But they will also feel the compulsion to do just like their mother did, to follow her model. Will they choose differently?


One thought on “Go On Strike!

  1. cica

    I certanly hope so. I wish, she’d see the black hole we are all heading into and act despite the fear of hunger and realize that not acting will not guarantee in any way the lack of it :(.

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