It’s silence. It’s peace. It’s solitude.

I am far away from the struggle in my country. When you leave the destination airport, you suddenly realize that the torment is over, that all that you believed being significant was just a storm in a glass of water, that nothing really changes and the hidden purpose of everything left behind was just more and more suffering.

During the last moments of my staying in Romania, it was already bad and dangerous. I had to force myself into silence. I felt my life endangered and I am still constantly offended or threatened through anonymous emails. I exposed some aspects of the Romanian society that were far from perfect; my articles were taken out of their context, misunderstood and then used as a way to inflame people and create unrest. Seeing that, I stopped writing in Romanian. But the madness continued, as an unstoppable boulder rolling downwards. My initial intention to educate and challenge mentalities was hijacked to something ugly, and I understood that people prefer the sensational, the scandal, without any will to change or correct what is wrong. They were unconsciously content or comfortable with what was going on. It was that the moment when I felt I have to go, and fortunately Strasbourg has become my home again for the 3rd time. I miss few people; most of my friends have vanished with time…

Ultreïa is an expression of joy used in the French language and originating in Latin. It comes from the mix between ultra – meaning beyond – and eia – an interjection for moving forward, higher or farther. It’s an expression from the Middle Ages used by the pilgrims of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. It’s the expression of advancing in their physical pilgrimage but also on their spiritual path. I take this expression of joy and acceptance as the motto for the next stage of my life. There is no point into clinging on to something that has downed.

There will be fear, I know. There will be solitude, I know. There will be tough moments, I know that too. But my focus has shifted with time; instead of changing the world I prefer connecting with people around me and pursuing my spiritual path, keeping at bay my hieratic mind and controlling my dismayed emotions. Facing my challenges is better than avoiding them, I’m sure about that.

So, to my friends from all over the world… Greetings from Strasbourg!

And… Ultreïa!

2 thoughts on “Ultreïa!

  1. I once spent two weeks in a Buddhist monastery while in Korea. Quiet and very calming. Would do it again but don’t travel any more. I am and have always been comfortable in my skin. Take care, my friend. Pax…


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