Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is well-known for a couple of things: large metropolitan area, largest European financial centre (major banks have their headquarters here, including the European Central Bank), gateway to trans-Atlantic flights through its airport and one of the few cities in Europe with a large collection of skyscrapers (sometimes called Mainhattan). Part of the German state of Hesse, it is close to the geographic center of the European Union and about a quarter of its population consists of foreigners (the Romanians are the 6th largest group of foreigners as of 2017). Despite this, you are quite lost if you don’t speak German. I took some photos while in a short visit and I do hope to return so as to utterly enjoy this city.

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof…

… the Frankfurt Main Central Station.

View of the main entrance in the Hbf.

The Frankfurt Skyline, from left to right:
– Tower 185 – PricewaterhouseCoopers
– MesseTurm – Goldman Sachs & Reuters
– City-Haus – Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank
– Westendstraße 1 – Headquarters of DZ Bank.

The Frankfurt Skyline, from left to right:
– Silberturm – Deutsche Bahn
– Taunusturm – Tishman Speyer
– Main Tower – Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen & Standard & Poor’s
– Gallileo – Commerzbank
– Eurotower – Headquarters of the European Central Bank.

Flughafen Frankfurt…

… the Frankfurt Airport – Terminal 1.

Outside the Terminal.


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