Aerial Sibiu

In this article I will show you some photos taken from the Council Tower of Sibiu. The tower is regarded as a symbol of Sibiu, being built in 1224 for the gatherings of the city council. The bell inside it – still functioning – is the second oldest in Romania, being built by a Swiss company in 1494. The photos are arranged in a counterclockwise manner, beginning with the north view towards the Transylvanian plateau.

The view towards Sura Mica and a part of the Small Square. The town of Ocna Sibiu lies in this direction. Also, farther, the city of Alba Iulia.

The west view, with the Small Square and the Liars Bridge.

A view of the Reformed Church in Huet Place. The cities of Sebes and Deva can be reached following this direction.

Quite a similar view with a part of the Town Hall to the left.

The south view with Cindrel Mountains as the background. The biggest tower is the one of the Roman-Catholic Church. Also, partial views of the Town Hall, Brukenthal Museum, the Orthodox Cathedral and, to the left, the Ramada Hotel. The Small Square is to the right and the Big Square is to the left.

The Big Square, with the main pedestrian road arriving in the square, just above the hemisphere.

In the background is the junction between Cindrel Mountains and Fagaras Mountains – the Olt Pass or the Olt Cutting. The hemisphere in the Big Square was built apparently in the context of the Astra Film Festival.

The tower has seven floors; here is a view below.

The typical south-eastern view, with the Fagaras Mountains in the background. The highest white building in the near plan to the right is the Austrian Consulate. Behind it is the shape of the Sibiu Hospital. The highest yellow building to the left is the County Council. The modern black building in the center is the private Polisano hospital where I lectured about burnout. This particular part of the city is also home for the German Consulat.

A detailed view of the Fagaras Mountains. The town of Fagaras lies in this direction.

The north-east view towards Sura Mare. The church with a green tower to the left is the Ursuline Church, and to its left, in the distance, is the main railway station. The towns of Medias and Sighisoara can be reached following this direction, and also, following the mountain range, one can reach the city of Brasov.


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