Bistriţa County

Here are some photos from my recent trip in the County of Bistriţa-Năsăud, home for wild landscapes and a unique mixture of people. My journey started with a visit to Colibiţa Lake, known as the place with the purest air in Romania.

The omnipresent feeling is that you are in a complete wilderness…

The lake was artificially created by constructing a dam.

It is the main source of water for many communities along the Bistriţa River, including Bistriţa City.

It is also an idyllic place…

And an important touristic sight in the Bârgău Mountains.

From Colibiţa I went to the Tihuţa Pass, one of the main passages in the Carpathian Mountains and an important link between Transylvania and Moldavia.

The Tihuţa Pass, also called the Bârgău Pass, reaches 1201 meters in altitude.

In the Pass there is a Castle built as an attraction for tourists (they say that the pass is the gateway to the realm of Count Dracula, according to Bram Stoker’s novel). It is also home for a monastery.

The general impression is the one of a high plateau.

In the end, here is a short video I made, a 360 degrees view of the area.


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