Eric Dodson

The world is changing. There is nothing we can do about it, and most definitely we can’t hide in a hole and hope that we or our ways will stay relevant in the future. The change will come after us in our hole and will judge us as unadaptable and outdated. So it is better to go with the change and, if possible, drive the change. Instead of hiding or resisting, it’s better to learn to be competitive and familiar with the latest trends.

Same goes for reading books: although I remain “old school” and find pleasure in keeping a book in my hands while reading, I do own a kindle, a tablet and a touchscreen smartphone. However, this is not enough, as the world is moving in a direction where the need for devices that resemble to physical books will eventually go down. The world won’t read books or ebooks or any other similar stuff; the world will find aggregated information directly on the Internet, information that was already “pre-digested” and presented in a way that can be easier to be “absorbed”. These days, when I don’t know something, I go directly on Wikipedia or Google. That’s how everybody does. Reading an arid manuscript or a long text is old-fashioned and rare these days; it simply takes too much time. Of course, that information might be distorted or incorrect, but who cares about accuracy these days? 1% of the population? Why do I refuse to write a book and prefer instead to write articles on my blog? Because it’s already too late for that. 

I used to maintain a reading list on this website… but I moved to something better: watching presentations and videos about subjects that interest me. It’s faster and I get to come into contact with more information. Everything is packed and delivered just like in my psy articles, but it’s much more colored, has images, music, speech and, occasionally, jokes. An example of this new way of learning is provided by the channel of Mr. Eric Dodson, a professor from the University of West Georgia. Here is his academic profile:

And here is his YouTube channel:

Mr. Dodson teaches the world mainly about psychology and philosophy. Yes, I read most of the books cited and most of the authors explained, but it’s great to hear everything compacted and watch nice videos subjectively designed with music and images. It makes my own articles shabby but… hey, this is the future! I let you enjoy some of his videos, which are very informative, despite his rather dry way of explaining. If you are a swot like me, you’ll get it.


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