Seek Beauty!

I always loved the sky because it helps me forget where I live and remove, even for a couple of moments, that psychological tension of living in Eastern Europe, a place where the communism was rather the solution for and not the cause of everything that is. I find beauty in almost every corner of my perceptive field; this is one of my skills and I don’t know if I find magnificence as a rebalancing reaction to a bleak existence or because it is instinctive, natural, a part of me that would have come to life anyway. The sky is my refuge, the beauty that is still guaranteed in my life as long as I’m not blind or imprisoned in a vault.

The three images that follow will get you out of the depressing cityscape and transpose you into a mystical skyscape. The point is… if you never raise your eyes to the sky… if you never actively seek beauty in the gloomiest times… you might not get much out of this existence…

There is magic hidden somewhere around you, and the only thing you must do is to stop and look around. Looking up is a good start.


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