Every year I post an update on the direction this website and my online activity is going. Some people advertise their blogs more often, but I only do this once a year. Now it is slightly overdue but, here it is, my 580th blogpost!

First, the blog was radically redesigned during the last year, to promote my medical activity. This redesign was rolled back but some features remain, especially the front page, which is richer in links and it will remain so. I used the rule that everything important on the website should be at one-click distance from the main page and yes, it is better!

Then, I opened new online profiles; besides LinkedIn, Facebook and DeviantArt, now I have also a YouTube channel, a Twitter account and an Instagram profile. Everything is available on the Links page.

The menu of the website has changed several times, reflecting the momentary needs. The Psychotherapy page is now only available from the frontpage as a simple link. My work is done and I doubt there will be many new articles on this subject. I change and evolve, and the blog evolves with me…

A lot of people asked me to provide a PayPal link because they wanted to make a donation, either because they liked my articles or because I helped them with info through some emails we exchanged. I finally ceded and added a Donate! link near the search box and a banner on the side of every page. As I said before, I don’t sell anything, but I am flexible enough to provide what I was asked for so many times. In parallel, I added in the menu a Consulting page, for those in need of online counseling or advice related to my field of expertise.

In the future, I will refocus on English articles and writing. For those who don’t understand English, I added a Google Translate button on the side of each page. Once clicked on “Select Language”, it shows a huge palette of options, so you can read me in any language available.

Future plans? Stay tuned!


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