Quality in Freefall

Is it change always good? It depends. It depends on one’s values. For me, given the motto of this website that reflects one of my core values, the world is going into a wrong direction, and I’m talking about Quality. Some years ago, when I started to be interested in leadership, quality was way better than what I see now. A keen eye can see the general downward evolution in several areas: economy, products, politics, human quality, etc. And I will elaborate a bit on the latest developments.

If you read or watch the news, you know about the abrupt change in the USA politics, with the election of a president that aims to be decisive, yet only provides reasons for gossip and laughter, if not worry. The behavior is weird and sometimes provocative, the lack of diplomacy is obvious, and people surrounding him are so overtly focused on money and power that it is almost unbearable to follow what they say. This behavior could have been excused by smart decisions regarding the States, but it is not the case. A salesman can’t be a good politician and a leader; a salesperson is focused on his personal gain, while a diplomat serves the people. The Turks also elected a disputed leader, who is making a return to the religious Middle Ages in the 21st century, which will harbor in the end more extremism. The European Union is more or less in disarray, lacking strong leaders. The exiting UK is in even a deeper confusion. To sum up, with the decrease in leadership abilities, the increase in radicalism/aggressiveness and the poor intellectual abilities, the conditions for a war or nuclear conflict are ripe…

Products. Aimed at mass consumption and easy replacement. Cars that can’t last an year without being repaired, computers that crash, clothes that lack both color and style, food that does not resemble to actual food, and so on… I recently decided to buy, after many years, a new smartphone, only to find out that everything dropped in quality instead of offering more options. Now, it is my conviction that the new products I see, especially in the tech area, are designed to transform the customer in a simple consumer who swallows everything, regardless of quality, instead of becoming a more creative person. Forget about what the advertising says, that new tech stuff boosts your creativity; it is a complete lie. You are more creative if you go in a deep forest or on a top of a mountain rather than being connected, online, all the time…

Human quality has been severely touched. I watched the news surrounding the skyscraper in London who caught fire recently. The owners replaced the outer coating of the building despite being warned before, during and after the renovation. They didn’t care, except for their financial gain. People were of least concern. And when the owners had to defend themselves, they were incredibly cynical, avoiding direct questions about whether they felt guilty or not. I guess that, in their logic, the people in that block were sub-humans. And we’re talking about the UK… However, other Western countries are hypocritical as well. For instance, during the recent terror attacks, a couple of Westerners were killed. Minutes of silence were kept for them, their names were loudly stated. In the meantime, hundreds and thousands are being killed in Asian or African countries, and they remain anonymous, not making it to the news. The human quality varies from region to region, and, again, we are in the 21st century…

I wanted to touch these three areas, but the lack of quality, or the failure of achieving quality, is omnipresent. And the lack of quality is intertwined with another important aspect: we are running out of specialists in all fields. People are less interested about working and achieving a high degree of mastery in their professional field, and more interested in just achieving – comfort, money, you name it… And when time comes, and they fail to provide a quality service, emphasis is put on communication issues, emotional intelligence and feasibility studies – strategies that offer an excuse for their lack of quality training (and in some cases, adequate intelligence), but fail to get things done.

2 thoughts on “Quality in Freefall

  1. Ionel

    I’m sorry couse I can’t find an article about TV and media content in US, but the idea was that bad quality started with TV sitcom ” Friends” in the 90’s. And TV is a mirror of our lives, or vice versa? But let be optimistic and hope that things will be like in the movie ” Idiocracy”, 500 years from now… Or is now, already?


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