Cluj-Napoca – Churches

(c) Cezar Danilevici. This article is part of a series dedicated to Cluj-Napoca, the city in Romania where I first came in 2000 and where I lived the best years of my life. This series will act as a memory vault. All images are photographed in March 2017.

This is an article about some of the churches in Cluj, homes for a diverse spiritual background. This is the Evangelical Church, easily recognizable after the word above the entrance: Pietati (goodness, kindness). It lies at one of the corners of Unity Place, across the Melody Hotel. 

Next to it, the Unitarian Church, close to Sora Shopping Center. 

The Reformed Church with two towers, across the Regionala CFR. 

The Reformed Church. 

The Piarists’ Catholic Church or the Jesuit Church, the first baroque church in Transylvania. 

The Franciscan Church in the Museum Place.  

The Reformed Church on Horea Street. 

The Reformed Church with the rooster (there’s a cock on its tower; the legend has it that the Devil can do harm during the night until the first rooster’s song in the morning, so there is a rooster guarding the area all the time to prevent any problems). The church is towards the Manastur district, on Motilor Street. 

The Saint Peter Catholic Church towards the Marasti district, next to the BRD skyscraper. 


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