Cluj-Napoca – The West

This article is part of a series dedicated to Cluj-Napoca, the city in Romania where I first came in 2000 and where I lived the best years of my life. This series will act as a memory vault. All images are photographed in March 2017.

The Peace Place with the Students’ Culture House (home also for the Cluj Philharmonic) to the left and the Central University Library to the right. In the center of the image starts the area where most university hospitals are clustering (the Clinics’ Street).

A detail of the Central Library. The bricks are a recurring theme in Cluj; the same style is found at the Literature faculty on Horea Street and also at the main university (Babes-Bolyai) headquarters on Kogalniceanu Street.

The tower of the Town Hall. Recently, the theme of the Romanian Rhapsody by Enescu is played every hour, and the melody can be heard throughout most of the city.

The Town Hall crossroad. Here is the main axis of Cluj, going from Apahida (East) to Floresti (West) communities.

The used-to-be Dacia Felix bank headquarters, now the Technical University deanery. To the left is the rather secretive IQuest headquarters, one of the oldest IT companies in Romania, just in front of the town hall.

The old Medicine and Pharmacy University deanery, now the administrative department of the medical school.

The western wall of the ancient town.

The Chios restaurant, next to the lake in the Central Park.

The Casino, a common sight in most marriage photos, also in the central park.

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