Give Up

A true survivor knows when to give up, when the situation is getting dangerous, or when there is nothing worth doing. Leaving for areas when one could be more productive is a tough decision, but sometimes the right decision; staying more is foolishness and meaningless struggle.

Although the facts in the video are true – it’s Bob Harte from The Last Alaskans, a documentary about the life of people in the extreme wilderness of the remote north – I invite you to replay the video for a second time using a metaphorical perspective. Replace facts with symbols. Bob is living in the wild for 40 years – what did you do for many years, something you loved to do? There is an unexpected shortage of available food – what resources are beginning to lack in your life? There is a bear who broke Bob’s home – what is that unexpected destructive event that came to your life? How many times should you eat the popcorn and the insipid rice of useless patience? Are you becoming “foolish” holding on to something?

There is an art to know when and how to give up. There is also an art to know where to go, where you could be more productive, where to continue to be creative and where your skills might be needed.

At some point in life you might need to master this art.


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