Warning! Sexual & violent content! 

Lindemann is an industrial metal band formed by Till Lindemann (the lead vocalist of Rammstein) and Peter Tägtgren (a Swedish musician). Below is Fish On, an interesting piece of music that is exceptional given the fact that Till sings in English and not German. The music is rather haunting and the images are a mixture of legend-like landscapes and people, violence and murder, and mature content. The lyrics are completely obscene. The video on YouTube is age-restricted for this reason (you must have a Google or YouTube account so that they verify you’re 18+ years old), but below I make an exception and share it from Vimeo. It is rather difficult to define what is art, what is nudity and what is sexual content, so I guess we’re on the borderline. Note however the beauty of this musical genre that tends also to be a way of life in some people. Note also the symbolism.  

You have been warned! 

Lindemann – Fish On (Official Video) from LINDEMANN on Vimeo.


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