Would you change anything?



6 thoughts on “Would you change anything?

  1. Ionel Iacob

    Good question! It’s hard to not think about ” what if?” but it’s just a retoric question if you’re see your life as a journey and nothing more. There are so many ” if” so you can easily lost in a endless debate. So, live your life and don’t fall in the trap of your own mind. Merry Christmas!

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too!

      I see this question more as some sort of checking if I live in the acceptance of my past rather than an “if” debate. It’s more about regrets (if any) and less about an useless analysis of the past.


  2. Rosie

    My first thought was more flippant with remarks like ‘yeah I wouldn’t have gotten polio and been in a wheelchair!’ and ‘Yeah I would not have married my husband!’ However, those are knee jerk responses and I have spent too many years with me, learning and growing and seeing the forest through the trees to be flippant. Life, mine anyway, has been a journey filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, light and dark. But all of those have brought invaluable lessons that have made me stronger, more loving, more resilient, more alive. So ultimately, no. I’m ok.
    Happy Holidays my friend!

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  3. Herleif Håvik

    It is indeed a good reminder of not living a life that’s full of regrets, but also a useful prompt that we should exercise our free will to alter any circumstances causing us sorrow. Moreover, it is a good check for any decision you are about to make; would you do it if you were to repeat the same life eternally? I guess this was the exact advise of how to live that Nietzsche gave us through the words of Zarathustra in the book Thus spoke Zarathustra.


    1. Good point! I know that idea of repeating life eternally… it’s a horrible yet thought-provoking idea… Using my present mind/knowledge I’d probably do things differently but who knows, perhaps the experience would be different, perhaps less rich… Will ponder on Nietzsche’s idea… Thanks!


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