5 thoughts on “Healed?

  1. Rosie

    I can easily tell my story and not cry. But there are many others whose stories I cannot tell without crying. So the question is- am I healed because I can tell my story and not cry. I don’t think so. For myself, I have never cried over my story. I have cried over particular segments of my life that raised certain emotions. But I do not cry if I tell my entire story. I like to think it simply means I have taken responsibility for my life. But thanks for posing the question!

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    1. You told me some time ago that we’re essentially not broken deep inside, so there is no need to heal 🙂 We do have however challenges and lessons to learn. And, if we’re empathic, other people’s stories or misfortunes do make us cry. But this is somehow normal – to be influenced by others and respond emotionally to them. Then, even if we came to terms with our own life, some memories remain sad or joyful, so there will always be an emotional impact when we recall them from the past. This doesn’t mean we didn’t heal ourselves, but it means we’re emotionally competent. This is my view.


      1. Rosie

        When I or someone else cries over anothers story, I have often had this thought in the dark corners of my mind that, yes, we are crying because we truly are sorry for their pain, BUT, is there not a little thought in us that says ‘thank God it is not me!’?


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