… to my English-speaking audience.

I am blogging since 2006. That’s 10 years. I also have a huge experience as group moderator. It was during those first years that someone told me I have the gift of writing and waving people’s ideas. Years have passed and I kept writing in English until this very day.

Recently, something happened. A friend of mine shared one of my articles, something unexpected for me, to his Romanian audience. Suddenly, I had to deal with the fact that the profile of my own audience shifted rather abruptly from International to Romanian. And almost doubled.

Although I enjoy writing in English, I do care about my audience and I honor it. As a sign of respect, I will favor writing in Romanian from now on. I wrote pretty much everything I wanted to write in English, and you can find the important articles in the main menu of this website, clicking on Psychotherapy or Writing. Moreover, when I post videos, music or photos, they use a universal language.

This doesn’t mean I will stop writing in English. But Romanian is necessary, as I see that there is need for my knowledge in the small Romanian-speaking world, full of a lot of individuals who have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to spirituality, psychology or leadership.

One feedback I got recently was a demand for a translation of all my English articles in Romanian. This is impossible, because now I see life from a different perspective. But I think I can adapt those articles for the Romanian audience, explaining everything at an adequate level. I will certainly be seen as an antichrist and be attacked, but this is the risk; it is too late to use a pseudonym and write incognito…

This blog is currently advertised through only 2 social media websites: LinkedIn and Facebook; there are buttons on the side of each page or blogpost. While LinkedIn is basically my professional resume and nothing more, Facebook is my daily entertainment and a great way to keep in touch. And it’s daily English (and French) there, along with Romanian. You may join me there if you want.

The photo of this article is ambiguous. I intended it to be so. You can’t really tell if the ship is coming or departing… Same with this new blog project; I have no idea what will come of it, but I’ll do it anyway. Perhaps its time has come…


3 thoughts on “Note

  1. Iacob Ionel

    Am descoperit blogul dvs prin reportaje live si ma bucur ca m-am înscris ca follower . Ptr mine e ok în engleză dar poate ptr unii nu . Ideea contează, limba în care e scrisă mai puțin . So, anyway, just keep going ! Like a line from Snow White : we are right behind you !

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  2. DMH

    Si eu te- am descoperit relativ recent, prin intermediul reportaje live. Cum nimic nu este intamplator pe lume, am avut parte sa gasesc aceste articole, intr- un moment delicat din viata mea. Am gasit in randurile scrise de tine, un sustinator al principiilor mele de viata. Imi asum cand scriu, ca unele le- am tinut innabusite in adancul fiintei mele pentru a nu parea o neadaptata. Cu ani in urma, mi s-a spus, ca in momentul cand arunci o oala cu lichid contra vantului, te stropesti pe haine.. asta este o adaptare proprie intrucat am cautat o exprimare cat mai eleganta. De ce mi s-a spus asta.. pentru ca puneam intrebari sau cautam sa imi elucidez anumite enigme legate de regulile pe care eram obligati sa le respectam, insa nu erau respectate chiar de cei care ar fi trebuit sa fie un exemplu. Exact cum descrii tu intr.unul din articolele tale, cauza si efect, intr.o lume prost alcatuita plus tembela, neadaptatul, se stropeste pe haine… Eu cred ca suntem la o rascruce.. Fara indoiala, este bine, pentru fiecare dintre noi, sa traim intr.o societate in care, respectand cu sfintenie legea, regulile, demascand faptele de coruptie.. sa nu ne mai fie teama ca suntem priviti ca niste neadaptati… care avem hainele stropite ..

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