Your Shadow


In each of us there is a sinner. A murderer. A disgusting aspect of our psyche, something that we do not accept and something we try to hide, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously. In each of us there is a tyrant, a witch, a fanatic, an aspect that craves for power, for pleasure or for justice, at any cost.

Today I’m asking you a simple question: If all crime was legal for 24 hours, what would you do? Imagine there are no consequences, there is no punishment, there is no God and no Hell, no sense of balance in the world. You are completely free to do absolutely anything without paying a price. Make a list! Be creative!

If you believe you’re an angel or other religious stuff, stop reading this now, as it’s a waste of your time. Although I believe we’re all spiritual beings, we’re also complex human beings, with both light and darkness in us. And, so as to be free from our darkness, we must first come into contact with it and learn to accept that it is also a part of our own being. Not accepting our shadow might lead in certain cases to a complete surrender of our psyche to these dark forces and an acting-out of evil deeds, like we recently started to witness in various crimes around the world.

Confronting our shadow is an essentially inner process. Externalizing shadow means sometimes killing other people – killing our inner daemons projected on outer people. And this is, according to my values, unacceptable.


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