“Daca pentru a trai trebuie sa te tarasti, ridica-te si mori!
If you must live all your life crawling, raise up and die!”
Jim Morrison

Mai jos este un colaj de la workshop-ul de sambata. Pot spune ca am invatat ceva despre mine.
Below is a collage from the Saturday workshop. I can say I learned some stuff about myself.
Polisano Escape Burnout
M-am saturat sa ma tarasc la Baia Mare. E mai onorabil sa mori in lupta.
I’m fed up with crawling in Baia Mare. It’s much more honorable to die while still fighting.


3 thoughts on “Crawl?

    • Perfectly true Rosie! They didn’t know that I was in heavy burnout myself. But it was a first time for me to be a speaker and sometimes you need to actually do something to know how it feels. I also learned about some of my own limitations, but also about the fact that prefer small groups to huge audiences.


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