Don’t Try

Bukowski Grave

I try to learn that stuff.
I try to get that done.
I try to talk to them.

I’ll try to finish that project in time.
I’ll try to see what I can do.
We’ll try to make better laws and get out of the crisis… if God wills… Insha’Allah…

Let’s try to be together and see if that works!
Let’s try to make the world a better place!


Please, try to write a comment to this article below! No, don’t do it! I didn’t say that!!! Just try to write it, okay?! Can you try that for me, please?

Try is a static verb. By definition, it means “to make an attempt or effort to do something”. In reality, “try” is the perfect excuse for procrastination. It is often used when the emotional motivation does not line up with the rational motivation. You either do something with all your heart, or you just give up. Trying is for when you have doubts.

Try to think about this!… 🙂

In the image is the grave of Charles Bukowski. 


One thought on “Don’t Try

  1. Rosie

    For myself as a disabled person, trying is sometimes all I have felt I can do. I have been wheelchair bound for over 60 years and I would challenge just about anyone to tell me it is not a trying lifestyle. Yet in spite of it, or perhaps because of it, I have had a very rewarding life. I have known love and family. I have had education and a long career in health care. I have been pretty healthy and happy. I have seen and experienced many incredible things–gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, a rose opening, a baby holding my finger, a dog licking my face, a cat purring next to me, the Rocky mountains, the ocean, hummingbirds, the miracle of planting a seed and a few months later eating a tomato. So many miracles. What? Miracles? Yes, miracles. Why? Because I didn’t have to try to see or experience any of them. They are miracles that are always there for us to partake in and to help us feel good about ourselves, our country, our world. Miracles that free us from bonds of depression or unworthiness or insecurity. Bonds that keep us feeling like we have to try harder. We don’t need to try harder. We only need to be and see.

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