Frances Zurowski

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I am deeply saddened to find out today that my friend Frances has passed away…

Our friendship goes back 11 years ago, during the times of Care2. We gradually became friends and exchanged many e-mails over the years. We never met in real life, as she was living in Vancouver, Canada. She remained in close contact with me during the good and the bad moments of both our lives, even when most of my so-called real life friends took distance from me. Despite the age difference – she was 78 last month – our friendship flourished. Our discussions moved from Care2 to Facebook, but especially through e-mails. If you put the word “Frances” in the search box in the upper-right corner of this website, you will get many interesting posts, at the bottom of which is written “Thanks Frances“. Yes, she sent to me those things…

Now that she’s no longer with us, I will reveal a letter she wrote to me some time ago, a letter that influenced me a lot and made me pondering on the meaning of our existence. Since that time I started to take into consideration the importance of emotions and sensations, and I owe to Frances the fact that I can now balance my thinking side with my emotional one.

Here is Frances online:

Thanks for everything, Frances! Till we meet again in another lifetime… farewell!

Hi Cezar,

I have taken a couple of days here to think about this letter.

You are touching upon some very deep metaphysical areas here, and I know that each of us have our own understanding and beliefs.

My understanding – we are here as nonphysical to experience the physical/3rd dimension and all of its aspects that are not possible in any other plane of existence. In doing so we experiment with all it can offer both positive and negative (in our eyes or societies’). We will also experience the effects of our actions – cause and effect. The trick is to realize this and not give up when it gets tough. The lessons help all grow in understanding and knowledge.

From what I understand, the thoughts, emotions and body sensations, are the very things that we do take with us, or at least the understanding and memory of them. Your role working with psychotherapy helps those who are struggling to understand and come to terms with their reality in this plane, and once understood and worked out, helps them to move on both here and in the spiritual. These are the non physical aspects of our being and are part of what we are here to learn from. We would defeat the whole purpose of these lives we lead on this plane by discounting them and believing they are simply illusions.

When I was a child, I loved Shakespeare, and one of his saying always stood out – paraphrasing “All the World is a stage and we the actors in it”. Over the years, as I searched and studied looking for answers, this has become even more true for me. I look on us as spiritual actors, who take a different role in each life time and immerse ourselves in it. For that short period of time while we are one of the cast, we fully immerse ourselves in the part, and at the end we take those experiences and lessons learned becoming better at our ‘acting’ with each role (life) being able to give back deeper insights and performances.

Hope you can understand what I have tried to say in such a short form.

Take care my friend, and do not despair. We are all on the same journey, just taking some different paths along the way.



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