Once upon a time, I lived in Rouffach
Since it’s winter and nothing to do outside, I’ll share some photos from my life in 2012 in Alsace. Several other blogposts are to follow.
Looking back now, it seems incredible that I lived twice in France. These are photos taken during my first time. I just wanted to have them posted on my blog so that I can come and visit them myself from time to time.
The impact Alsace had on me has shaped me in the psychiatrist I am today and set the standard versus which I compared my second time in Moselle. Both my French accent, my way of relating to patients and my style was imprinted during this first French period.

The Town-hall and the main church of Rouffach. Note the flag of Alsace in the front
Église Notre-Dame de l’Assomption
The main street of Rouffach
The Grand Ballon – the highest summit in the Vosges Mountains, seen from RouffachOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I worked here…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA … at Centre Hospitalier de RouffachOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The general view of the town. In the background are the Schwarzwald Mountins (the Black Forest, in Germany) and closer, the Rhine River that gives the name of the department – Haut Rhin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Rouffach was surrounded by vineyards producing various Alsatian wine types, the Alsace Grand Cru for instance. For many months, these vineyards were the places where I spent most of my leisure time alone, and it was there that I decided to leave France. Looking back now, it would have been better to buy a car and travel extensively throughout the region, but that was what I was able to think at that time… Combined with the perspective of a loving relationship back in Romania, I gave up Alsace, probably closing this chapter forever…


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