If You’d Be Your Own Child


If you’d be your own child, what would you do, for you, now?

It is quite frequent the situation when we can give advice to others or find the best solution for them, but we are unable to do the same thing for ourselves. This is particularly common in the psychological field, when the psychotherapists are magnificent wizards when it comes to other peoples’ lives, yet their own existence is precarious and unrewarding.

This happens because the abilities we use in relationship with the outer world are different from the ones we use inwards. Another reason is that each human being has a structural blindspot – we are too close to ourselves so as to fully and accurately perceive ourselves. And then, some of us aren’t in a relationship with ourselves at all – this means to perceive yourself as a distinct object in your mind, and initiate a relationship with yourself as if you’d be a separate external entity.

We are experts at helping others, at educating others or at loving others in many ways… But what if we could see ourselves not in an alter-ego logic, but in a relationship between a parent and a child?

What would you say to yourself – seen as your own child?

What would you do for yourself – seen as your own child?

Would you still agree to let yourself in the same situation you live now or would you change something? What would you change? How would you change? How long would you wait until the time for change would come? When would that happen?

Would you do what is right or fair for your “inner” child, or what is good for your “inner” child?

Are you able to break the law so as to help your child?

How many laws are you able to break for yourself? How far are you ready to go?

Are you able to do something for yourself without judging yourself in any way and without searching for reasons or motives? Can you do this without any questions, just because your inner child feels bad?

If the behavior of your inner child seems to be completely irrational… can you still remain next to him/her and still fulfill his/her wishes, no matter how peculiar they seem to be?

What are you ready to do for your child NOW?


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