I’ve been to the mall yesterday. It’s one of the hot-spots of the town, for shopping, eating and socializing… it depends… As I came out of the shopping center and crossed the road, my eye noticed that something in the parking area was not completely right… Being a psychiatrist and knowing that hallucinations might appear in one’s life, I took the precaution and reached for my smartphone. I took some photos having mixed feelings: What if there is nothing when I download the images? What if I’m hallucinating?
Well… I think I saw a horse… I did! I did saw a horse! Actually, 2 horses!… (paraphrasing Tweety)
There are some epic moments in one’s life… This is one of those moments captured for eternity… Feels like the scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when the Indian breaks the window and escapes…
A horse crossing one of the main crossroads of the city of Baia Mare, in front of Gold Plaza. You should appreciate the fact that it crosses the street on the pedestrian crossing. This adds to the weirdness of the situation, in my opinion… Imagine what the car drivers might have felt…
Apparently, the folks here are accustomed to this sight. Note the guy talking to his mobile phone and ignoring the horse…
This is my last glance at the scene. There is a 3rd horse in the bottom-right corner of the image. The other images I took are shaken, as I was frantically laughing…
As an epilogue… You know… Baia Mare is a candidate for the title of the European Capital of Culture some years from now on… I think that, as long as there are horses grazing during the night next to the logos of Cinema City, InterSport, KFC or Cora, we can’t talk about that… We’re still in the middle-ages…


2 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Rosie

    Cezar, I loved this! It was funny and reminiscent of the little tiny town where I live. Of course we only have about 20 people in our town and about 15 dogs (6 of which are mine). But in the summer it is very easy to look out the window and see someone on horseback trotting down the street. In fact we live next to the only church in town and there is one family who all ride their horses to church in summer! I love it! Rosie

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