The 4th Dimension

This blogpost is the result of a discussion with my mother and is written using the Jungian function of introverted intuition, which both me and my mother share as main function. Note the transcendental nature of the text. You need to be an intuitive to understand what I say; if you can’t understand it, you may label it as psychosis.

You are about to spend a quarter of hour in a 4 dimensional space. You must have a high IQ and be extremely imaginative. The movie above will stretch you to your limits. Play it several times if you need.

We are living in a 3 dimensional space and we can understand the 4D only by analogy with the 2D versus the 3D.

Imagine a 2D space like a piece of paper. Imagine that on that piece of paper there are 2D beings living in that 2D space. They are constrained to only 2 dimensions so they are unable to see you; they can perceive only what’s happening in their 2D space, that is, the field of the paper. Not having deepness means that what is above and below their space… doesn’t exist for them. You, as part of the 3D space, are invisible to them. But if you decide to take an (imaginary) pencil and write on that (imaginary) paper – their 2D universe – you will perform an act of creation. Imagine you draw a line. For you it’s simple. But a 2D being will say something like this:

“While I was doing the usual stuff, something appeared out of the blue. It came towards me – it was a line – and then it disappeared like it never was. I don’t know what happened; I am in a total shock. I swear I saw a line but there is nothing left out of it; it vanished completely”.

In the movie you will see 4D shapes crossing our 3D universe. It’s the same thing. Plus, you’ll see 4D shapes that do not have a 3D equivalent. You will not see them directly, but rather you’ll see their projections on our 3D world. If, for instance, you cast the shadow of a pencil on a piece of paper, you get a line. For a 2D being, the pencil appears to be a line, but for you – a 3D being – it’s obvious that it is more than that. From this perspective, the 2D beings seem very limited… you’ll likely be developing a superiority complex versus them.

Similarly, a cube can cast different shadows on a 2D paper. It will rarely be a square. For the 2D beings, this change of shape will be chaotic, without any logic, because they can’t comprehend the reason of the shape changes since they are limited to 2D. They will say something like this:

“This individual – this square – behaves in an appropriate manner. Sometimes it’s a square just like any other square. But there are moments when it isn’t itself; it changes to a rectangle, something that is incomprehensible. And even weirder, sometimes it becomes something totally chaotic, something that doesn’t have any rule. This is disturbing”.

I wrote the texts between quotation signs in a way that resemble to the description of an appearance of a ghost or vision, and that of a miracle, respectively. I challenge you think and see reality from a different perspective. What if those things that are mysterious or unexplainable to us belong to a different, 4th dimension, universe?

People of the 3D universe say that – scientifically – what can’t be measured does not exist. Does anyone dare to measure with the tools of the 3D universe the objects belonging to the 4D universe? You’ll see in the movie a 4D shape that does not have an equivalent in the 3D space. Measure that! Yes, that! If you can!

A 4D shape crossing the 3D space seems to incredibly and constantly change its shape but you can only get a glimpse of its 3D shadow projected into the 3D universe. You can’t see it directly with your 3D eyes. You perceive it indirectly, you guess it, but you can’t imagine it straightforwardly. With the help of some LSD or other hallucinogenic drug this might be possible, but in an unaltered state of consciousness this experience is unavailable to us.

People in mystical states or in hypnotic spiritual experiences describe the other superior worlds where there are sounds and colors that do not exist in our universe and can’t be illustrated. Can you imagine a color that does not exist and which you never saw with your physical 3D eyes?

I remember a story from a spiritual book I read some years ago: in the spirit world there are senses that do not exist in our physical existence and one of them was the “sense of time”. It was approximated by “the smell of time” just like a 2D being approximates a cube by a square. Well, the smell or sense of time can tell you how old the spirit you encounter in the spirit world is. Directly. There is no symbol or image or color or anything attached to that spirit. You “smell” its age immediately through this exclusively spiritual sense. For lack of a better word, we can use the term “perceive”. You perceive the age of that particular spirit. Strange, eh?

What if…?

What if our entire existence is like passing of a 4D shape through our 3D space? I mean, we appear out of nowhere (for the 3D observer), we have a 3D physical representation (a body, and some brain processes like thoughts, emotions, sensations – a sort of byproduct phenomena according to some) but we also have weird particularities like consciousness or will (that are known to have no physical equivalent in our brains), we seem to “evolve”, changing shape… body and mental shape included… childhood, adulthood, old age… and then we die, going to an unknown destination, while the last physical remains are left to decay… For me looks like passing of a 4D being through a 3D universe! It’s obvious why we can’t see ourselves – our true selves – just like it’s obvious that a 2D being can’t see a 3D being unless it interferes with its 2D world. This could also provide a decent explanation to why we can’t see God or can’t prove its existence or non-existence… If God is only one dimension higher than us, we can’t know anything about it… hopefully, only indirectly…

How do you feel now that I opened to you the perspective of alternative higher-level realities?

If this is a 4th dimension universe, imagine how it’s the 12th dimension universe!

Contemplate the complexity of the 4D shapes in the video! Acknowledge your limitations!

How would you feel if you’d know we are trans-dimensional beings having a 3D experience?

Can we be absolutely sure we aren’t so?


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