Georg Philipp Telemann

Telemann – Quartet for Flute, Violin, Cello & Continuo in D minor, TWV 43:D3
From the Paris Quartets

I especially like the 4th part, the Allegro at 4:28.

Ever asked yourself how you can have only one part of a video as mp3 on your computer or smartphone? Here is how you can do this!
You need 3 things:
1. the adress of the video; in this case it’s
2. a website that can convert an Youtube video in a mp3, something like or
3. an audio editor (just like an image editor, it’s a must if you aren’t happy with the world around you and you want to change it 🙂 ) I use Audacity, the portable version –

How do I work? I convert the video in a mp3 using the website (I do have special software on my computer to extract the sound from .flv files and convert it to .mp3 if needed be… I always find a way…). I save the mp3 on my harddisk and then I open it using Audacity. The mp3 for the above video looks like this in the sound editor:


Then I select the part I want to keep, remove the rest, export it as an mp3 and… voilà!

Note: You probably noticed that I keep posting music or photos lately, both on this blog and on my attached social media profiles. The images and the music are equal ways of expression for me, and they used to fill the space between my written blogposts. I am going through an unprecedented period of emptiness and I prefer to let the music and the images I share to speak for me and in my name.


3 thoughts on “Georg Philipp Telemann

  1. An option to Step #2,
    There are many browser add-ons for bot Mozilla and Chromium browsers that will download the video file as an mp4. You can then extract the audio as mp3. If I am not mistaken VLC will do that.


    • I didn’t know that… Things change, I stick to the old ways 🙂
      My issue is that I want to crop the melodies to make ringtones for my phone or I want to have mp3s with only the part I like. This is why I use Audacity.


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