Sex Roles


Psychologically, people are androgynous. Biologically, they are not. We both exhibit male and female traits and take both roles in a subtle weave. I will not say too many words in this article, because the subject is too “hard” for the general public and requires trust to be discussed openly. So I’ll refrain and I’ll give to you two links:

The 2 tests are based on the work of Sandra Bem and are sex role inventories. The tests divide people into 2 categories: undifferentiated (you have no idea of anything) and differentiated into androgynous, masculine and feminine. Androgynous means you’re balanced and the other 2 – male and female – give the preference. These are global evaluations of how masculine or feminine you are, regardless of your biological sex. The tests are based on some common-sense traits of what being man, and respectively woman, means. This could be the start of some meditations on your roles…

To begin, here are some questions…

Is your job a feminine or masculine job?

Independence and self-reliance is a masculine trait. Have you thought about this?

Who dominates and who is dominated in your couple? Who leads? How he/she leads?

I added the links to the general page of Online Psychology Tests.


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