Doomsday Postponed

There is a hysteria that randomly appears at certain dates in the calendar. The most famous was at the beginning of year 2000, the latest was on 21 December 2012, when we were supposed to die, and the most recent happened this Monday when the Earth was struck by a powerful gamma radiation coming from the centre of the Universe/galaxy/the Sun, causing lasting changes in our DNA and a jump from our 3D Universe to the 5D one (that is, 5 dimensions).

Apparently we weren’t hit by any gamma radiation this week, my DNA seems to be OK (I looked in the mirror today and I was the same) and I still perceive myself in 3 dimensions. And I don’t seem to have become particularly wiser…

I struggle with these prophecies. I hear them from highly educated persons, both in English and Romanian. I hear the same texts from my schizophrenic patients. Sometimes the internet or some books act like common sources of inspiration, but sometimes psychotics from different corners of the world speak about the same disasters that are to come and that fail to happen every time. What is intriguing is the stability of these themes and the common descriptions from persons who seem to have access to a hidden source of information.

Everyone prescribes one single solution to prevent this kind of disasters: praying.

Invariable, God changes decision and the Earth is given another chance.

All this is prevalent and incredible tiresome to hear, especially when I see that persons confronted with the evidence that nothing happened seem to fail to acknowledge reality or answer back with “We prayed so God changed his mind” or “God tests our faith”.

I sometimes ponder on this constant avoidance of catastrophes… Could it be the fact that, by believing that something nasty is going to happen to the world, we can have a decent excuse to do nothing with our lives? After all, if you know the end of the world is to come soon, will you build or create anything?

Since we all came resurrected from this almost-destruction, did we actually learn something valuable, by the way? We’ve just had a near-annihilation experience, folks!

2 thoughts on “Doomsday Postponed

  1. Last Sunday was supposed to be another, here at least, with a Red Moon and a Lunar Eclipse visible in the east of North America had these “End of Times” folks coming out of the woodwork. But yet again we have survived another End of Time!

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