Alan Watts

In the memory of someone I loved,
with whom I share the same clairvoyance
but couldn’t share a lifetime.
Despite weaknesses and flaws,
I will see the best in her



The Void

Conversation With Myself

Note the clarity of vision, the connectedness with the entire world, the initial struggle of changing reality and finally, the remarkable acceptance of what is.

More Alan Watts videos:

Thanks John Crosby!

2 thoughts on “Alan Watts

  1. I think of Nature more in the line of Sympathetic Vibrations. However, Mr Watts paints a beautiful picture or nature. Thanks for the Kudos, my friend. Your life seems, to me, quite amazing. Keep going as you are. If not keep cats. I know where they stare off into as they are really Zen masters, reincarnated. I notice that his Zen training is in the back of his consciousness, a good thing, I think.

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