On the other Border

Do you remember the previous article about crossing the border from France to Germany? [link] Here is a similar one about crossing the border to Switzerland.
This is the end of Saint-Louis (Haut-Rhin). It’s a terrific community of mainly black people and Arabs. Probably the most dangerous place I’ve ever seen in Alsace. And the hottest climate.
This is the border. There is no control despite the fact that it’s the end of the European Union jurisdiction. The traffic is simply too important to be managed.
This is the view from the other side. I am in Switzerland now. I should have a passport as my European ID card is not enough. Fortunately I also have a passport, inherited from a time when the United Kingdom did not allow Romanians to come an visit it, despite the fact that we were at that time members of the EU. Switzerland is just another UK from this viewpoint.
You are in Basel practically the moment you cross the frontier. Notice the German language signs.
They say that perfect life is living in France, working in Switzerland and going shopping in Germany. Why? Because the Swiss salaries are huge, the French lifestyle and the many holidays (plus 2 more legal holidays in Alsace compared to the rest of France) make it the best place to live, and Germany has probably the lowest prices in Europe. This area is in fact called Trois Frontières because there are 3 borders converging in a small spot.


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