Feng Shui

This is my office. Here I spent most of my time during the last 5 months and I thought about sharing it with my friends from far away… It might be a reason of envy for most of my colleagues who don’t have an office at all, but I assure you it’s not the case…
Roseraie 1
I particularly like this view. It makes me dream… A map of France, a lot of other possibilities waiting to be explored… I like to defocus my eyes on this map and fantasize about other regions and other people… It’s wonderful. Then, there is the computer, another gateway to the rest of the world. As you can see, I’m very obsessive-compulsive. I didn’t arrange the desk for the photo taking… it is so at any given moment of the day. The order, the balance and the efficiency reign on the desktop of the computer and everywhere else around it.
Roseraie 3
I like the warm tones of the furniture. I am predominantly a Yin person. They also left 2 paintings of some ships on my wall, not knowing that in Feng Shui this generates multiple possibilities of voyages. This might be good or might be bad for them… but is excellent for me 😉
Roseraie 2
I like to leave the door open. I am generally open to others and open to experiences, even if, for some weird reason, I seem to give the opposite impression to the others… I like to let the Chi (energy) flowing and also keep an eye (and ear) on what’s happening outside. As a control-freak, I like to know everything in advance so as to prepare my protective shield 🙂 On the other hand, it’s always practical to keep in contact with the rest of the staff in a psychiatric hospital… just in case…


2 thoughts on “Feng Shui

  1. Cezar, I know my response is slow but so am I. The only real question I had was–does your desk face the wall or the door? Or maybe it faces both? You said you like to leave the door open to be able to see, hear and feel. This is good. One should always face the door, it is more welcoming and helps visitors to be more comfortable. I too like the map. It is very colorful and airy. The pictures of ships are nice, but for me, I would have pictures of flowers or my dogs or nature. But that’s just me. Do you have a window? You could also maybe think about a plant, especially one that helps clean the air in a room. That would help put positive vibes in your office. OK. That’s all I’ve got.

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    1. My desk faces a wall and the chair of the patient in front of me. The door is a bit to my right. In a way, it’s better, because I don’t like doors opening directly in front of me. So, yes, my desk faces both, the wall and the door.
      I didn’t choose the paintings of my office; they were left there by the administrative staff. But I like them. If it were for me, I’d put landscapes from far-away countries or my own inner-quest projections framed so that I see them all the time. But I hope to do this someday in a different setting… I would also add some statues or other art objects, it would be rather baroque around me….
      My window is behind my back. I don’t like this and I guess my patients don’t like it either.
      A plant would be a good idea but I guess it would die in a couple of days only by listening to the suffering I hear every day. It wouldn’t be fair for the plant/flower to share the office with me and witness my work…


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